For memories of your trip to Okinawa, come try making a Shisa-dog, or painting one! 

We also carry lots of well-known merchandise from across Okinawa, such as souveniers from Okinawa Nifuna, a household goods store on Ie Island.

Our small pottery workshop is a good bet even for a rainy day!  You can experience the joy of making your very own Okinawa Shisa-dog! 

Nearby, you will find the Yanbaru forest, a popular tourist destination from  northern Okinawa, as well as the Churaumi aquarium, Kouri Island, and Heart Rock.

So you can fully enjoy many of Okinawa's recommended tourist destinations!

A small pottery workshop on Yagaji Island where you can make your own Shisa-dog!  







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Experience Plan

① "Reservation" 【Web】
If you plan to schedule your appointment, please make an appointment plan (If you change the date and time, please do not hesitate to contact us)
In case

② "Coming to a store"
First of all choice a sample! Please select Shisa which you think would like to make like this.
In case

③ "Explanation of how to make"
The staff will explain the creation procedure and notes
Please listen firmly so that your neck will not come off as you bake

In case

④ "Start creating"
here we go! Let's do our best and create ♬ Please ask the staff for anything you do not understand
I will fix advice, after completion, but I will not create it
Please make only one original seaser in the world ヽ ('▽ `) /

In case

⑤ "Calcined or shipped later"
It can be fired in about 15 minutes. Even if we take a walk on the front beach in good weather day ...
Pottery Shisa will be shipped later.

⑥ "Completion or painting"
You can go home immediately after firing. To painting, take home away immediately after color painting ♬


Halves the round clay ♪

press to zoom

I will make it an mountain figure

press to zoom

You can also color after baking ♪

press to zoom

Halves the round clay ♪

press to zoom

Experience Plan


Hand Made Clay Okinawan Lion Dog Shisa

to Take Home

Enjoy making your very own guardian lion-dog out of clay. Upon completion, relax at the beach with a complimentary drink while you wait for your Shisa to finish!


Standard Plan

Normal price 2640yen

Duration: 1.5 hour(s)

  • Adult/Child (Age 5 & over)

  • Available: Daily

  • Pick-up: Not available

  • Inclusion: Experience Fee / Material fee / okinawan Drink

Hp SALE 500yen off ! 

Price 2,140yen


Hand Made Clay pottery Okinawan Lion Dog Shisa

It takes approx 2 months

Pottery Lion Dog Shisa  

Approximately 2 month until the baking
It is a full-fledged seasa making experience
You can choose from white clay and red clay

Creation time 1.5H

/ okinawan Drink set

Hp SALE 500yen off ! 

Price 3630yen


Ceramic Lion Dog Shisa Making and Painting 

to Take Home

Make your own guardian spirit animal for you to take home! Form it with clay and decorate it with your favorite colors. Great for a souvenir and memory of Okinawa!


Standard Plan

Normal price JPY 3,300  

Duration: 2 hour(s)

Adult/Child (Age 5 & over)

  • Available: Daily

  • Pick-up: Not available

  • Inclusion: Experience Fee / Material fee /okinawa Drink

Hp SALE 500yen off ! 

Price 2,800yen


Okinawan Dish Making

It takes approx 2months

Using an electric potter's wheel and approx. 1kg of clay, it is possible to make multiple items of your choice, including sake cups, small bowls, small plates (up to 25cm), teacups, rice bowls, etc. 

Make any item you wish for 45min, then select 2.5 of the items you made (included in the activity fee). 

When baking 2 or more items, we charge an additional baking fee of 400 yen for each extra 100g of weight.

[Time Required]

10min of explanation + approx. 45min of activity

[Capacity]  1~4 people


Participants must be 14 years of age or older


4,500 yen-->website price: 4,050 yen 

  • (Activity fee, material fee, baking fee (for 1 item), transparent glazing incuded, consumption tax) / okinawan Drink

  • *Postage charged separately; 3000yen per location

  • Shipping to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea costs 3,000 yen. (Takes approx. 1 week to arrive.)

  • It takes approx. 2 months for items to be delivered to you. We thank you for your understanding.

Hp SALE 500yen off ! 

Price 4000yen


Painting Plaster Shisa Lion Dogs 

to Take Home

​Get creative and decorate with your favorite colors to dress up a set of Shisa pairs, single ones or glass Shisa trays. Enjoy a drink by the beach for a full Okinawan experience!


Duration: 1 hour(s)

Normal price 1550yen~

Adult/Child (Age 5 & over)

  • Available: Daily

  • Pick-up: Not available

  • Inclusion: Experience fee / Material fee / okinawa Drink

Hp SALE 10% off ! 

Price 1395yen~


Choose on the day

Choose !

You can choose the experience plan on the day

You can book the date and time and the number of people to be experienced, and you can choose the plan on the day

Hp SALE 500yen off !or 10%

Price 1550yen~


MAP    (Map code 485 572 776*86)     wifi free

origami Pay

※payment method

 ・Cash payment

 ・ Payment by credit card

 ・Electronic money etc

※ About cancellation

Cancel on the day, change time is also OK!

(Please contact us by all means)
There is no cancellation fee. Please feel free to contact us.

※Delivery company

We deliver in EMS of Japan Post.

Delivery days are about 3 days (there is a possibility that delay occurs due to typhoon etc.)

※ Confirmation of product delivery status

You can use the "document number" to track your package after shipping.
Please check the Japan Post system from the link below.

Mail tracking service

※ Product delivery fee

※ It varies according to country The following is Asia average price

Nationwide uniform 3,000 yen (up to 2 kg)


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